About us

About us

North-East India Tube is a great video sharing, watching and hosting platform from the north-east of India. Media hosting and maintain is very costly, it is hard for a single person to effort and maintain. So we introduce the North-East India Tube is also a platform where any one can share and host their videos.

We most welcome those people who love to explore things around the world and share their experience. We believe that video is the best way to capture the moment and easily believable media. Anyone can share their best moment or experience at North-East India Tube. Anyone can join our communities anytime,anywhere, It is free.

North-East India Tube is a place where video maker freely share their video content and connect with everyone at anytime, anywhere. Viewer can discover on demand video like music, entertainment, culture, games, news, foods and many other things, they can watch, like, share and comments and follow the users.

We hope you will have a great experience with us. Make feel free, If you have any suggestions or queries, please mail us at [email protected]

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