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Published on: 08 Jul, 2019

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This list is completely based on my personal experience, but you can share your favorite top 5 preachers in the comment box below.

5. Andrew Wommack
Andrew Wommack is a popular Bible teacher whose ministry is extended through radio, television, seminars, the Charis Bible College and various other extensions of the Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM). He wrote many books and among them “A better way to pray” and “Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith” are my favourites.

4. Rob Rufus
Rob Rufus is a senior Pastor of City Church International, Hong Kong. Rob and his wife Glenda planted their first Church in their early twenties, called Victory Faith Center in Pinetown, Kwa-Zulu Natal (South Africa). Rob Rufus has written many books like “Living in the Grace of God”, “Missing Links to Great Leadership”, etc.

3. Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis is the multi-award-winning author of several gospel books including “The Hyper-Grace Gospel” and “Stuff Jesus Never Said”. A former Bible smuggler, Paul pastored a multicultural church in Hong Kong for ten years. He is currently a regular Blogger at “Escape to Reality”.

2. Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley is a lead pastor of Church Without Religion in West Texas and a founder of Andrew Farley Ministries. You can also see him at Christian TV and radio programs such as 100 Huntley Street, It’s a New Day, Steve Brown etc., and Lifeline with Neil Boron. He wrote many books like The Naked Gospel, God without Religion, etc.

1. Joseph Prince
Joseph Prince is a senior Pastor and one of the founders of New Creation Church, Singapore. He is also a founder of Joseph Prince Ministries. In 2014, Joseph Prince Ministries has founded Grace Revolution Church in Texas. “Destined to Reign” is one of his best-selling book in New York. He also wrote many books like “The Power of Right Believing”, “Live the Let-Go Life”, etc.


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